The Love for Steel Trusses in Modern Design

 steel trusses in modern design

The Love for Steel Trusses in Modern Design

Steel trusses serve as structural supports for large buildings.

Architects rely on them for structural integrity when they design the roof. They usually remain a hidden part of the blueprint.

These days, modern designers love to use exposed steel trusses for aesthetics. They use them in homes and other buildings as decorative elements.

They add character and intrigue to the look and feel of the structure.

Sometimes designers want to turn an old warehouse into a restaurant, museum, gym or office. They keep the industrial look with trusses and other traditional design elements.

Leaving the steel trusses in place can create a feeling of nostalgia. It makes us reminisce about an earlier time in history.

Portsoy Boatbuilding Centre

Brown + Brown Architects designed the Portsoy Boatbuilding Centre. They redesigned it from an abandoned stone building in Scotland.

They kept minimal stone supports in place. Then they designed the inside with wood paneling, wooden rafters and skylights.

They used steel trusses as accents to support the wooden rafters.

Today, craftsmen create boats inside of the building. They also teach boat making skills to children and adults there.

Joint Editorial

Vallaster Corl Architects got to work on a General Electric Supply Corporation warehouse. They turned it into an office space in Portland, Oregon.

They retained the original ceiling structure inside, complete with wooden and steel trusses.

The rustic look feels modern with its rectangular islands and tables. The black and white color scheme also makes it feel more updated.

It boasts of an open floor plan and rich colored wood accent beams. These make the interior feel spacious and up-to-date.


DH Liberty converted a warehouse into an office. The office houses a digital advertising agency in London.

They used polished concrete for a floor that complements the steel infrastructure. They kept black steel beams and shelving units from the original structure.

They used recycled materials whenever possible. They used wood chips made into the desks and vintage trunks for tables.

Water Factory Turned House

Andrew Simpson Architects converted a historic industrial warehouse into a home in Australia.

Previous owners used the house as a jam factory. Then it became a water factory. Then it housed an ad agency, and after that, an engineering company.

They preserved the steel trusses and brick walls. Then they added large skylights and new light wood flooring. They also created angled white ceilings that interlock with the trusses.

Stainless steel appliances and countertops create a sleek and modern feel inside.

Dwelling in Marfa, Texas

Jamey and Constance Holt-Garza created a beautiful cinderblock house in Texas. They used ceilings made from cypress wood and steel trusses.

They started with sleek plastered white walls. Then they lined the top edge of the walls with red, rectangular windows. This lets natural light in for an open look.

Steel Trusses for Your Next Project

Steel trusses not only add support, but they can add to the character of a home or office space.

Their clean lines and metal finish look sleek in a modernized warehouse. They can also make a new home look and feel industrial or rustic.

If you have any interest in using steel trusses for your next building project, let US Steel Truss help. We belong to the National Frame Building Association (NFBA), and we are also affiliated with the American Welding Society (AWS).

Visit our website for more information on the quality of our products, and you can also contact us today for a free quote.

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