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Mistakes to Avoid With Steel Buildings

Summer is all but officially here, and you know what that means: Construction season has come. Sales of and installation orders for steel buildings are about to boom if they haven’t already. Steel building sales and installations come with a few hazards. But don’t worry!  We’ve compiled a list of five mistakes to avoid when you’re buying or building steel buildings.

The Size of the Steel Building

Steel buildings come in all sizes, from small storage units to big buildings meant for working. Before you buy or build a steel building, consider the size of building you need. While a smaller building will cost less, getting one solely due to the price tag could cost you down the line. A smaller building means less room–which means you likely won’t be able to store big equipment in it. You should also keep in mind the small things you’ll want to store in it: tools, bags, and such. Some of them will need shelves and boxes to be stored. Will the smaller building you’ve been eyeing have enough space for those shelves and boxes? And then there’s the workspace available. A smaller building likely means you won’t have the space needed for bigger projects.

The Building’s Aesthetics

Steel buildings also come in all kinds of designs. Those designs vary by use. For example, the windows. Some windows are designed to allow natural light in whereas others don’t allow any light in. The same goes for roofs. There are all kinds of roofs out there. The roof you need varies according to how much natural light you want to let in. Some roofs also require supports to brace them and prevent them from collapsing. And then, of course, there’s the outside. You’ll want to add some sort of exterior finish to protect the building.

The Local Codes For Steel Buildings

This is a mistake you’ll want to be sure to avoid. Different cities have different codes about the aesthetics, size, and locations of buildings. To make sure your steel building falls within the code, visit your local municipality. The last thing you want to do is take on an expensive project only to find out you legally have to undo all of your work.

The Total Cost

Even if you just buy a steel building, you’re not accounting for the total cost of transportation and installation. Besides the cost of building or buying, you need to factor a foundation into your budget. You may also have to include extras such as plumbing, electrical, and insulation material. And of course, all of those extras will have their installation price. When all’s said and done, you’ll still have taxes to pay on the purchase.

Impulse Buying

Here’s a mistake your parents likely lectured you on when you were a small child. When shopping around for a builder or supplier, you might run into a pushy salesperson. That salesperson might try to get you to go ahead and make a purchase. Don’t do it!  Always know exactly what you need and go in with your mind set on it.

Still unsure?  Please feel free to reach out to us!  We’re always happy to help!

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